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Bereavement Group

A group to befriend any bereaved people who wish to meet and talk or reflect with others for support. St Joseph's has an annual Mass of Remembrance which is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. If you know of anyone who might be glad of support, or if you are interested in helping, please contact Father Woolley. 



January 2022


December 2021

Linda Booth
Susan Carroll
Alison Dunk
Bridget Hudson
Clare Kirrane
Brian Lilley
Sean Murtagh
Alan Frank Royle

November 2021

Bridget Benson
Eileen Maria Conlon
Dorothy Marian Garside
Joan Hunt
Joseph Kilbane
Margaretha Murphy
David Sheridan
Christine Weighill

October 2021

David Birch
John Lewis
Andrew Nolan
Ann Theodora (Theo) O’Connor
Christina Quig
Teresa Veronica (Ronnie) Westall

September 2021

Alan Buckland
William Boyd Grierson
Carole Travis

August 2021

Margaret Barrett
Bridget Caunce
Thomas Kehoe
Mary McFetridge
Adrian McGrath
Anthony McIntyre
Jimmy McNabb

July 2021

John Freeman
John Livingstone
Francis Mendonca

June 2021

Peter Donnelly
Elizabeth Gettins
Bernard Logue
Stella McGrath
Linda Marie Slater

May 2021

Noelle Evans
George Heathcote
Sheila Maureen Ward
Margaret Mary Watts
John Whitmore

April 2021

John (Johnny) Walsh

March 2021

Joseph Lavin
Philomena (Phil) McGinity

February 2021

James Benson
Kathleen Bridge
Elizabeth (Liz) Delal
Jean Gill
Philomena Jones
Jim Quine

January 2021

Alan Anghelides
Anna Patricia Catto
Mary Brigid Concar
Lillian Habis
Kitty McCaul
Ged McNulty
Mary Christine McTernan
Carmel Josephine Moorhead
Ciarain Patrick O’Hare
Anthony Regan
Elizabeth Mary Thallon

November 2020

Catherine Allan
Patrick Cleary
Ted Crawford
Theresa Hodcroft
Elizabeth Lardi
John McDonnell
Tony McNally
José Medina
Pauline Wright

October 2020

Austin Asuza
Donald Bradnam

September 2020

Susan Patricia Daulby
Father Michael Dyson
Warren Francis
Mary Northover
Ethel Warrington

August 2020

Margaret Canavan
Kathleen Davis
Jean Dempsey
Joyce Rowe

July 2020

David Chesworth
Phil Gibson
Joan Sullivan
John Whalley
Ann Elizabeth Woods

June 2020

Desmond Patterson
Anthony Thomas

May 2020

Thomas Bambrick
Carmel Dixon
Ike Hill

April 2020

Thomas Daulby
Margaret Flannery
Francis Grimes
Dennis (Denny) Howells
Henry (Harry) Keogh
Doreen Emma Lowe
James Monaghan
Peter Nawn
Ann Rushworth
Michael Smithwick
Bernard Stanley

March 2020

Mary Teresa Byrom
Finbar Carroll

February 2020

Mary Brennan
Moira Carroll
Anne Dennis
Barbara Dillon
Hilda Loftus
Kathleen Walker

January 2020

James O'Reilly

December 2019

Elizabeth Buckland
Michael Fogarty
Geraldine McAlister

November 2019

Father John Ashton
Margaret Eileen Brokenbrow
Brian Dempsey
Eugene Duffy
Catherine Kelly
John Keegan
Bridgid Sullivan
Alicia Sykes
Joseph Traynor

October 2019

James Brosnan
Bernard Dempsey
Ruth Marlene Klos
Stanislaw (Stan) Nagel
Bishop Brian Noble

September 2019

Christopher Neate
Michael Slim
Dorothy Stokes
Kathleen Travers

July 2019

Magdalen Donlan
Father Canice Dooley
Emrys Evans
Yvonne Francis
Ajit Gayen
Eileen Mulroe
Margaret (Maureen) O'Hara
Elsie Sheridan
Paul Smith
Mary Waldron

June 2019

John Holden
Fr. Michael Murray
John Timney

May 2019

Margaret Barlow
Pat Jones
Eddie Morley
David Pye
Mary Ratcliffe
Denis Robertson

April 2019

Peter Jordan
Brian Nolan
Nicholas Travis

March 2019

Eileen Howells
Dennis Hussey
Joe Keogh
John (Sean) McKenna